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Thorough chimney cleaning
in Tiverton

Do you want your chimney cleaned thoroughly? Contact your local
chimney sweep, Edward Fitz-Gibbon if you are in Devon. 

Chimney cleaning with modern equipment 

If you need to have chimney cleaned, then contact Edward Fitz-Gibbon. We are a family run chimney cleaning company serving Devon and the surrounding areas. We use advanced cleaning equipment to clean all types of chimneys efficiently. Contact us today. 
fire place

We clean inside here too 

Coal or wood fire produces soot, which gets deposited in our chimneys and eventually blocks them. Once your chimney is clogged, you cannot use your fireplace and then you need a professional to get it cleaned. Contact Edward Fitz-Gibbon for thorough chimney cleaning in Tiverton. 
a huge house

Cottages to castles 

Whether you live in a cottage or castle, we are your go-to chimney cleaners. We have been providing bespoke chimney cleaning services since 1984, for a wide variety of properties of all different sizes.
farm house with a garden

Expert chimney cleaners

Though chimney or fireplace cleaning is an ancient profession, you still need professionals to carry out the job. We are proud to be expert chimney sweepers. We can also clean wood stove and log burn fires. Contact us for details. 

Comprehensive chimney cleaning

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Call us any time on
01884 259 148
for chimney cleaning in Tiverton.
Leave a message if you are not able to speak to our executives. 
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